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The mission of the West New York Police Department is to provide the highest degree of safety, security and quality of life to our citizens through the diligent efforts of a team of well trained, courageous, ethical, and highly dedicated Police Officers.  This Department is committed to upholding and enforcing the principles and values embodied in the constitution of the United States and the Laws of our Country, State and Municipality.

West New York Pd in our community:

The West New York Police Department is now using body worn cameras. Officers are trained to perform their duties and assignments with Body Worn Cameras which will capture interactions with our residents.  The West New York Police Department believes this provides several benefits to our officers and the public we serve.  Some of these benefits include transparency in our service to the community, quicker resolution of complaints, corroborating evidence of crimes and offenses, and training opportunities to improve our officers’ performance.   View Policy and additional information.